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👋🏻Hey hey!! Yo yo!! What's uup?! Some of you out there might be wondering a bit more about me ... I consider myself an extroverted introvert (a Gemini) who's very sensitive to other people's energy. I use she/her for my pronouns but have always felt gender to be fluid for myself in the way that conforming to the norms of what some consider a female to be has never interested me much. I love wearing hats (and a good, fun neck or bow tie) and much prefer some rad sneakers to any other shoe (except maybe boots!) I have two younger brothers. 🐶 My bestest friend is my dog, Louis (whom I also voice). Once upon a time I was an on-camera actress who starred in the gruesome “so bad it’s good” Axe Giant : The Wrath of Bunyan movie. I got my start many years ago back in Columbus, Ohio (dream BIG guys!!) after finally exploring an acting class in my twenties ... in high school I was a painfully shy bookworm best known for spending all of my time drawing- stage fright was a constant battle for me starting out! My acting teacher referred me to a local agency and I started to work fairly regularly in commercial and industrials ... I was even featured in a long running Speedway gas station commercial that aired so often people would sing the tag line of the jingle when they saw me (yes, YIKES! lol). I fell in love with VoiceOver my very first audition- a super fun kid commercial for Hasbro's VideoNOW featuring Hilary Duff for the Disney Channel (I was in my twenties and the boy I voiced it with was 13 😆 acting like a kid was the most fun and I was HOOKED) My first real animated project in which I started diving into character work was voicing little kids for the ground-breaking, award-winning social-emotional learning game Zoo U and I am so proud to have been able to do such meaningful educational work ❤️ Moving to California was a dream of mine long before I even discovered that a career in acting could be a real possibility for a midwestern kid like me ... mountains and oceans called to me and I honor that dream come true by living on the west side of Los Angeles and hiking, biking, & walking dogs by the beach every chance I get! 

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