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Fire Emblem Engage     Hortensia     Nintendo

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE      Cocoa     Tetra

Ba Da Bean   Margerine McBread    Discovery Kids

Bob Hearts Abishola     Riley    Warner Bros

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro S.2    Nekopa    Crunchyroll

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest   Lurie Abendroth   Square Enix

Beyblade Burst Surge      Chuck      Disney XD

Phantom Breaker: Omnia     Yuzuha     Rocket Panda Games

Pokémon Masters      Mallow       DeNA Co

The Promised Neverland      Phil      Toonami/Cartoon Network     Aniplex USA

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki     Hanabi Natsubayashi     Crunchyroll

Kakegurui      Inaho Yamato       Netflix/Anime Limited

Dead or Alive 6       Mila      Techmo Koei/Team Ninja

Lost Ark    Neria Prideholme/additional voices    

Relayer    Satellite Pilot    Kadokawa Games

Zanki Zero: The Last Beginning     Mirai    Spike Chunsoft, Inc

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia   Faye   Nintendo

Tales of Berseria   Laphicet (Phi/Number2/Maotelus)   Bandai Namco

God Eater 3    Female Custom Voice #6       Bandai Namco

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk   Peer Fortress Female 3, Aster Night 1, Shinobushi 2    

Heroes of Newerth   Wildcat/Santa's Little Archer    Frostburn Studios

Kindi Kids     Kitty Scales/Shelly/additional voices    Kindi Kids/Moose Toys/Youtube

UltraSquad Book 1 &2 Trailers   Anncr      Justice stores 

Pixingo  Anncr  Internet Commercial

"Butt Invasion!"  TV/Radio/Internet  TRUTH Campaign

Parcast Podcasts    Various Voices        Parcast Networks/Itunes

Etrian Odyssey V : Beyond the Myth    Solor    Atlus USA

Lord of Magna : Maiden Heaven   Sugar and Amelia   XSeed Games

Etrian Odyssey Untold II   Hannah   Atlus USA

Shadowverse     Tenko, Maisy (Red Riding Hood), Rapunzel, Rabbit Ear Attendant    Cygames

Pandora Radio Various Radio Commercials   Pandora

The Money Bright Kids    Katya    So! Animation

Splaat!   Sarah the Cupcake Princess   Klasky-Csupo

The Dolphin: Adventure Beyond the Reef    Marlina the Marlin    Dolphin Films

"I want my VideoNOW" Tv    Animated kid    Hasbro/ Magnetic Studios

Kawasaki z1000 "Urban Legend"    Eerie Little Girl     Kawasaki/ Fuse Interactive

"Breakfast Date" Radio    Ali    Taco Bueno Restaurants

TabTale Apps   (Hollie Hobby, Dorothy n The Wizard of Oz, Monster Girlz, etc)   TABTALE

CoCo Play Apps     Ponies, Puppies and Girlies     COCO PLAY

No-Stress Chess!  Anncr  Internet Commercial  Winning Moves Games

Hairspray: The Broadway Musical Promo   Tracy Turnblad   Pittsburgh CLO/ Cinevative

Hairspray: The Broadway Musical Promo    Tracy Turnblad    Phoenix Theatre/ Cinevative

Harley-Davidson Training Video Training Leader Harley-Davidson H.O.G/ Message Makers

Truly Nolan Team Tv Female Tech Truly Nolan Pest Control

Welcome to Philosophy at U of A Student University of Arizona

Shoulder Buddies Announcer Shoulder Fun USA, LLC/ MThree

Planet Pawparazzi Misty Pawparazzi Pets/ Noodle Head, Inc

Audio Learning Books & Programs Zack & misc. walla Eric Cifuentes/ EECI

Audio Learning Books & Programs Kids/Monsters/Animals/Narrator Edu&Joy

Universal ISTS/HFA Learning Games Young Girl/Counselor Avatar 3-C Institute for Learning

Dennis Autopoint: Hyundai Daughter WNCI/ Clear Channel

Raze One Voice Prom hostage David Sabbath/ Magnetic Studios

Charleys Grilled Subs Workout partner Mills James Productions Expecting mother Ohio Health/ Mills James Productions

Corner Care Clinic Kid PPA Graphics, Inc/ Magnetic Studios

Gabriel Brothers Teenage Shopper Ron Foth Advertising

Platos Closet Teenage Shopper Dennis Blum/ Magnetic Studios

Various Animation Skits Elfette/Naughty/Cindy Ed Price/ The Animation Empire

Everyday Thoughts IVR Young Female Michael Barnhart/ RHbrands

"Combine & Save" Radio Wife Steers Auto Insurance/ Great Combinations

Magic Lash Infomercial Announcer Pinks/ Alquimia Creative


Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan Lead/ CB Tanner Sy-Fy Original Movie

Internal Graffiti Lead/Karen dir. Susan Diol

Not From Here (web series) Lead/ Julie Hackey dir. Jason Ancona

Served Cold Lead/ Fauna Arbor Ave/ MapTorch Films

Cornhole: The Movie Supporting/ Ellie Clarke/Kent Pictures, LLC

Araweelo Dayplayer/ TV Reporter Olol Film Productions

The Furlough Dayplayer/ Nurse dir. Randall Smith III

Kill Peter, Pay Paul Dayplayer/ Reporter FosterFilm Co.


BangZoom ADR workshops w/Tony Oliver

Rick Zieff's Amazingly Fun VO Class

Upright Citizens Brigade: Improv Levels 1, 2

Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

Dubbing Bros ADR workshop w/Rhythmo Band

Kalmenson & Kalmenson: Voice for Actors, Animation

The Voicecaster: Audition Pro

Promo Intensive: Jodi Gottlieb & Jeff Howell

Killian's Workshop: On-Camera Commercial Workshop

Dan Balestrero: Mastering Voiceover

Voices Voice Casting w/Mary Lynn Wisner: various workshops

Voice Actor Network: various workshops


Rhythmo Band trained, Motorcycle License, Bartending, Serving, General Fitness, Certified Pilates Instructor, Rollerskating, Longboard (skateboarding- street only), Bicycling, Hiking, Valid Passport, Some Spanish, Emcee Experience, Accents & Dialects upon request.

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